Tinnafashion Mannequin
Professional Female Half Body Dressmaker Dummy
>>Size Table for female dummy measurement
Be Careful copycat on the
market. they use much less
quality linen cover,
collapsible shoulder which is very
important and special feature for
professional dress form on the
body.above all, they are not made
by skilled craft workers from
professional manufacture
the surface
is NOT pinnable which should
made of high quality muslin. They
just use normal cotton cover
instead. Some of them just
change the shape of normal jersey
form to simulate dressmaker
dummy that the measurement is
inaccurate. If no accurate , you
can not design.

We guarantee to beat anyone in
the Australia market on this price
at this super quality.  Please be
careful there are some so-celled
dress make form  in the market
which are absolutely not
dressmaker dummies but just sort
of display form. They don't have
key features like  princess line,
pedal, petant height adjustable
system fine linen cover, grain line
and so on.
-Tinnafashion dressmaking dummy comes with front, center back,
princess    apex, and sides lines.

-Each form has  
iron  base with all-direction wheels.

-The metal stand allows you to adjust your form up and down
with pressing on the
foot pedal while working.

-Our form is
hand made for good quality and robust performance.

-The generous padding under the canvas cover makes your form
easily pinnable.  
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Special Sale
New Design! Female Half Body Dressmaking Dummy
with CLIP-IN Right Arm
Female Half Body Dressmaking Dummy (NO ARM)
Economic Arm Design! Female Half Body Dressmaking
Dummy with TIE-STRIPS Right Arm
Australia NO 1 brand dress form/dressmaking dummy, most reliable quality and service offered in OZ market
over 10 years!  TINNAFASHION dummies with Best quality, unbeatable prices now offer UPGRADE design of
CLIP-IN right arm which provide more comforts and convenience!  
Traditional styles with NO ARM or TIE UP with strips arm still on too!
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Female HALF SCALE Half Body Dressmaking Dummy