Female Half Body
Female Full Body
Tinnafashion dressform is
made of 100% muslin
-seamed with industry standard grain lines for center, princes line
-The metal stand allows you to adjust your form up and down
with pressing on the
foot pedal while working.
-Our form is hand made for good quality and robust performance.
-The generous padding under the canvas cover makes your form
easily pinnable.  
-Due to hand make for each dummy there might be 0.1-1cm difference between the
actual body and listed size chart which is reasonable and acceptable. Please take it into
account before purchasing if that is a case

Be Careful copycat on the market, please check these following features:
Cover: copaycat use much less quality linen cover (20% muslin;80% cotton)which will
be damaged easily when you doing dressmaking job;
They just use normal cotton cover
instead. Some of them just change the shape of normal jersey form to simulate dressmaker

Collapsible: NO / COPY collapsible shoulder on copycat  which is very important
and special feature for professional dress form on the body. copycat collapsible is easy
to push and won't work well and long time.

Height adjustable: copycat height adjustable pole and foot pedal can't work
correctly, especially body will drop down easily as the TOP of the pole which can hold
the body is not as good as original dress forms.

Above all, they are not made by skilled craft workers from professional manufacture
and won't help your dressmaking job at all.
We sell large range of professional dressmaker dummy with high quality cover and easy pressing
pedal for adjusting up and down.
100% made of MUSLIN. Beat anyone in Aus!  School
and Gov. POs are welcome!   Please click the pictures for more details.

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