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Tinnafashion, with design centres in the United States and manufacturing facilities in China, is now entering the Australian fashion

Dress form products:
Tinnafashion has been in this fashion industry since 1994. Our Studio One forms are hand made, our skilled workforce guarantees the
quality and accuracy of each form. We always stay close to the pulse of the world fashion trend.
Our dress form are highly regarded by fashion designers, garment manufacturers, costume designers, fashion school students and home
sewers who need professional working dress form. We manufacture a full range of dress forms and full body hanging forms. Each form
is individually shaped and covered by hand to ensure accuracy in the measurements, which can only be obtained using traditional
craftsmanship of the highest standard.

Display mannequins:
Tinnafashion established design and manufacturing capabilities in display mannequins in 1999. We have assembled a team consisting of
art sculptor, fashion designers, high skilled workforce and motivated sales personals. Due to fast growth of this market, we are
following the world fashion trend and focusing in the expansion of our product lines, continuously improving our quality, and satisfying
our customers in all of our global markets. Currently we make customised order for top Department stores like Saks Fifth Ave.,
H&M, and many more.

Please contact us at:
Email: sales@tinnafashion.com
Phone: 13000 TINNA(84662)                      
Fax:    03 85559668
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